“The Voice of Women” Project

“The Voice of Women” Project is carried out by the SES Equality and Solidarity Association together with Sweden-based Operation 1325. The project supports the effective use of social media for women to raise their equality and rights claims.

Why the “The Voice of Women” Project?

Women’s visibility in traditional and social media is far from an equal distribution, as their representation in the public sphere.

Women in the Turkish media are coming fore with more news of violence against women. While attention is not given to other news, the limited area is also lead by a male-dominant language of the mainstream media.

Many of the female journalists, who have developed a sense of equality and journalism ethics, cannot find channels where all women can have their voices heard. Day by day, journalists and media channels that will make women’s rights defenders, peace activists, climate activists, and LGBTI rights defenders voices heard, are decreasing.

On the other hand, in 2000 the United Nations Security Council adopted an important bill, known as the Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security. The document not only described the impact of war on women but also drew attention to the role women play in the mediation process and peace-building. On the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the decision, research on women, peace, and security and statistics showing women’s participation in the peace process point to the gap between the expectation and outcome.

When this gap is examined in the context of Turkey, we see that Turkey is declining each day when it comes to fulfilling women’s demand of equality rights considered under the 1325 decision.

Turkey needs to take appropriate action in regards to women’s rights and equality demand the creation of public awareness based on the principles and values determined within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals and the 1325 resolution by the United Nations.

What does “the Voice of Women” Aim For?

While this is the case with traditional channels, social media offers a new opportunity for women whose voices cannot be heard.

The Voice of Women Project;

  • Banding together journalists, representatives of civil society, activists and artists who are sensitive to gender equality through the “use of creative social media”, to raise the voice of women’s struggle for equality and rights effectively.
  • To affect people in decision-making mechanisms, by enhancing the “Voice of Women”, raising awareness on matters of gender, social peace and sustainability, reducing women’s poverty, violence against women and women’s participation in politics, climate justice, media freedom and addressing the problems of women and girl refugees.
  • The effective use of social media by supporting the production and dissemination of creative social media campaigns.
  • The development of solidarity among journalists, activists, academics and artists who are subject to the same struggle.
  • The Voice of Women aims to support its ambassadors to be more active on social media, to develop and learn together.

What are the Principles and Values that the “Voice of Women” Project Advocates?

  • The domination of the gender equality perspective,
  • Advocation for a greater representation of women in national, regional and international institutions and decision-making mechanisms
  • Ensuring that the laws and legal infrastructure for the protection of human rights of women and girls are put into effect
  • Advocation for measures protecting women and girls from gender-based violence, rape and other sexual crimes.
  • Demanding that refugee camps and settlements respect civilian and humanitarian qualities and look out for refugee women and young girls’ problems.
  • To cooperate with local and international women’s groups
  • To defend independent and free media
  • To defend the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically article 5 on gender equality.

What are the components of the “Women’s SES” Project?

The Voice of Women Ambassadors; composed of 20 people, academicians, journalists and artists, open to continuous improvement in their profession, devoted to the subject that they defend, women’s rights defenders who have a dream and promise for the future, all the while aiming to be effective in the use of social media.

“The Voice of Women Consultants; academicians and experts who share their knowledge to understand the issue rationally and creatively, to bring “Voice of Women” to social media in the most adequate way.

  • Academicians working on the UN 1325 resolution.
  • An experienced social media consultant, ensuring the most efficient use of social media.
  • Experts and academics working on violence against women, women’s participation in decision-making mechanisms, women in peace processes, sustainable development goals, gender equality, women in the media, representation of women in the labor force, LGBTI rights and refugee matters.

Who is the target audience of the “Voice of Women” Project?

The target audience of the “Voice of Women” Project are social media users who will reach the social media accounts of the 20 “Voice of Women” Ambassadors, through the SES Association and Equality, Justice, Women Platform’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page.

This audience consists of the following 4 groups that are sensitive to gender equality and that can be effective on decision mechanisms.

  • Users aged 18-25 years
  • Women and men over the age of 25 who are active in business, who are sensitive to social problems and who use social media as a means to gather information.
  • Mayors, parliamentarians, public officials involved in decision-making mechanisms
  • Journalists, broadcasters, actors who have a high influence on the media and social media.

The Format of the “the Voice of Women” Project

  • Ambassadors’ Meeting

During the “Ambassadors’ Meeting”, the effective use of social media, gender, peace and charity will be discussed indepth, with the Ambassadors and experts. The social media campaigns that will take place that month will be enhanced with the support of the digital agency.

These meetings aim to improve the use of social media in order to contribute to the gender equality advocacy of the “Voice of Women Ambassadors”.

  • Development and Dissemination of Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns, which will be developed with the support of the digital agency, will be disseminated through the SES Association and Equality, Justice, Women’s Platform, as well as the social media accounts of SES’s Ambassadors.

● Elçiler Buluşması
Her ay düzenlenecek “Elçiler Buluşması”nda, Elçiler ve uzmanlar ile bir araya gelinerek sosyal medyanın etkin kullanımı,
toplumsal cinsiyet, barış ve sürdürülebilirliğe ilişkin konuların derinlemesine tartışılması sağlanacak,
dijital ajansın desteğiyle o ay düzenlenecek olan sosyal medya kampanyalarına içerik geliştirilecek.
Bu buluşmalarda, “Kadın SES’i Elçileri”nin cinsiyet eşitliği savunuculuğuna katkı sağlamak adına sosyal medya
kullanımlarının geliştirilmesi hedeflenecek.

● Sosyal Medya kampanyaları geliştirmek ve yaygınlaştırmak
Dijital ajansının desteğiyle geliştirilecek sosyal medya kampanyaları, hem SES Derneği ve Eşitlik, Adalet, Kadın Platformu
hem de Elçilerin sosyal medya hesapları aracılığıyla yaygınlaştırılacak.

Targeted Themes of Social Media Campaigns

Targeted Themes of Social Media Campaigns

  • Covid-19 from a Gender Perspective
  • Women’s Representation in Politics
  • Violence Against Women
  • Gender Gap in Business
  • Gender Inequality in the Media
  • Climate Change from a Gender Perspective
  • LGBTI Rights, Hate Speech and Discrimination
  • Refugee, Peace and Security.

Project Coordinators

SES Equality and Solidarity Association

is a non-governmental organization that advocates equality and solidarity values, with the mission of supporting active citizenship in order to achieve gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals, and develops projects in this direction.

SES uses its digital new website, SES Equality, Justice, Women Platform to continue the strive for equality of women in digital media. The association continues the SES Women Mentoring Walk, Women of the City and Women’s SES Projects.

Operation 1325

Operation 1325 is a Sweden-based non-governmental organization that creates platforms and provides training in order to expand the channels of discussion and dialogue that will affect the public, decision-making leaders and civil society, to implement the United Nations Resolution 1325.

Proje Takımı

SES Association President: Gülseren Onanç

Project Coordinator: Eda Dogançay

Social Media Consultant: Hande Arslan

Project Management Consultant: Aylin Sahin

Communications Consultant: Hande Orhan

Project Content Consultant: Zeynep Miraç

Digital Agency: Über

Communication Agency: Marjinal Porter Novelli

İletişim Ajansı: Marjinal Porter Novelli

The Voice of Women Ambassadors