SES Equality, Justice, Women Platform


The mainstream media in Turkey and in the world does not give enough coverage to women issues. Moreover, the language they use is quite androcentric. We feature women’s fight for rights and justice to advocate gender equality at SES Equality, Justice and Women Platform and we make women leadership visible in politics, business and art. SES Equality, Justice, Women Platform, has managed to become a reference website and social media address for women’s news since May 31, 2018. We share news we compiled from other news sources on the platform through a women’s perspective. In addition to creating original content as much as possible, we also make translations from international media sources. We know that, regardless of how much a country is developed, women face the same problems and seek solutions together. Women’s movements are now collaborating globally and fighting together. At SES Equality, Justice, Women Platform, we cover both local and international women news. We believe that the achievements of women are the achievements of all women and inspire us all.


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Let’s ignite Thought, Solidarity, Courage and Change together.



What are the Platform’s Publishing Principles?

  • To support the founding principles of SES Association,
  • To advocate for the establishment of gender equality and justice,
  • To promote institutions and individuals which encourage hope, courage and a positive vision for the future,
  • To advocate for an inclusive and constructive publishing approach that takes the side of the victim,
  • To establish a new language that is non-discriminatory and advocates for peace.