Women Summit

Women suffer the most from rising inequality, and women are the most affected by the violation of justice. Inequality and injustice increase male violence. Nurtured by militarism and authoritarianism, violence spreads to all areas of life. At a time when, free public space has narrowed down and women rights NGOs advocating for equality and justice have lost their influence, we organized the Equality, Justice and Women Summit in December 2017. We knew that we need organized solidarity and to raise the voice of women more effectively to fight for a true democracy.

As a result of Equality, Justice and Women Summit, which we organized with the participation of more than 1500 people, we published a Final Declaration together. One of the outputs was the need for a digital platform where women’s organizations and independent women could raise their “VOICE”. As a result of this need, we established Equality, Justice, Women Platform on May 31, 2018.

You can visit 2017 Equality, Justice, Women Summit website here.

You can read 2017 Equality, Justice, Women Summit Final Declaration here.

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