SES Equality, Justice, Women Platform

SES Equality, Justice, Women Platform is a digital media organization that brings together local and international news and content related to gender equality, women’s pursuit of rights and justice, women’s leadership in all fields, and women’s representation in politics, business, and the arts. Since 2018, the Platform has been committed to highlighting news and individuals that promote hope, courage, and an egalitarian vision for the future, advocating for inclusive and constructive journalism that avoids the trap of discrimination and promotes a new language supporting peace. The Platform captures and evaluates current events from a woman’s perspective through translations, interviews, discussions, news articles, and compilations. It also serves as an archive of recent history for the women’s movement in Turkey and the world. In addition to publishing in Turkish, the platform also operates in English, serving as a bridge and news channel between the women’s movement and activists in Turkey and around the world. Through its website, its weekly Turkish and English newsletters and its active social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and LinkedIn, the Platform reaches a local and global audience of thousands, including activists, politicians, academics, representatives of NGOs, journalists, international organizations, embassies, UN delegations, and members of EU institutions.

Presenting a Fresh Feminist perspective on Turkey and The World Every Week  / Women’s Voices Bulletin Women’s Voices Bulletin, is a weekly publication featuring news, commentary, and translations from a feminist standpoint. Our bulletin covers a wide range of subjects, including women’s and human rights, politics, economy, sports, art, and the environment. To this day we have published and shared over 400 bulletins in both Turkish and English, dedicated to promoting awareness and empowering voices of women around the world. Turkish bulletin archive: English bulletin archive: Over a span of 5 years, the Platform achieved remarkable milestones: The platform attracted 2 million visitors. The production of content was prolific, reaching nearly 50,000 pieces.  Our dedication to providing exclusive news resulted in more than 500 exclusive articles. The platform was embraced by a diverse audience, with women comprising 50.4% and men 49.6% of the visitor base. The majority of our visitors fell within the age range of 25 to 55 years old. We successfully reached an extensive audience on social media, with our content reaching 5 million on Instagram and 4 million on Twitter. Number of Twitter followers: 7,500 Number of Instagram followers: 7,000 “SES Equality, Justice, Women Platform has created a space that keeps the journal of feminist solidarity and strengthens our knowledge base. This space has provided us all with a fresh perspective to observe, question, and understand the agenda from a feminist point of view. In addition to sharing news and ideas, it has also brought us together in joy and enthusiasm. Today, the Platform has become a feminist memory and a ground for empathy. Here’s to many more years of celebrating women’s wisdom, resilience, unwavering spirit, and enthusiasm together…” Bertil Emrah Oder Koç University UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality and Sustainable Development “SES Equality, Justice, Woman Platform has been releasing Turkey’s first and only gender-focused e-bulletin since 2020. I find the SES e-bulletin an essential source of news on gender equality activism and policy developments in Europe and the Middle East.” Pat Mitchell Journalist and TEDWomen Curator “The SES Equality, Justice, and Women Platform and the SES Women’s Voices bulletin have been a vital resource for me. They serve as a source of understanding for women’s rights advocates worldwide. It provides concise news and information about developments that impact women’s lives, gathered from various parts of the world. It would be wonderful if it could be expanded to provide more in-depth and comprehensive coverage, reaching even more women. The inclusion of news about women from different regions is both educational and inspiring. Kudos to all those involved in its creation.” Prof. Dr. Serpil Sancar