Women’s Solidarity Fund (WSF)

As SES Equality and Solidarity Association, we decided to establish the Women’s Solidarity Fund to help heal the wounds of the earthquake that hit our country; to build solidarity networks with women and children in the earthquake zone and to support grassroot NGOs that focus on women.

Why Women’s Solidarity Fund?

We know that women are more affected by disasters. Therefore, we believe that special efforts are needed to carry out projects that focus on women’s needs and solutions to these needs. All kinds of needs should be understood and met over time to overcome the traumas caused by earthquake and to meet the physical needs. The Women’s Solidarity Fund aims to find solutions to all these needs by looking at them from the perspective of women.

These difficult times that we are going through have shown us how solidarity can be built in Turkey and in global realm once again. We as SES Equality and Solidarity Association want to organize a solidarity network among women with Women’s Solidarity Fund. For this purpose, we aim to establish a communication and solidarity network with international women’s organizations and grassroots NGOs.

The Aims of WSF

We observe that there are cultural and physical barriers to access to hygiene products for women living in quake-ridden cities.

Considering the hygiene needs of women and babies, we have created three types of solidarity packages: Young Women, Adult Women and Mother.

Young Women’s Essentials: Prepared for the needs of student or graduate women.

Adult Women’s Essentials: Prepared for the daily hygiene needs of women.

Mother’s Essentials: Prepared with the needs of children in mind.

We will carry on our efforts to reach women in the quake-ridden cities and meet their basic hygiene needs via the network we will establish with women’s organizations that work actively in earthquake zone.

The packages will be delivered to the earthquake zone with the logistical support of our Association, and the distribution will be carried out by our Association members and employees in coordination with grassroots women’s organizations.

of grassroots civil society organizations* in earthquake-stricken regions that provide solutions to the problems of women affected by the earthquake.

We will provide supervision to ensure that the grassroots civil society organizations we fund are able to implement their projects effectively.

*Criterion of being active in quake-ridden cities will be sought in the selection of the local civil society organizations.

We observe that women’s voices are not given enough space in the news covering the region, and with the Women’s Solidarity Fund, we aim to support those who produce written, visual and audio content and journalists with a women’s perspective in the field.

As SES Equality and Solidarity Association, we have also been operating our digital media platform called Equality, Justice, Woman Platform since 2018. Our platform has become a hub that works with prominent journalists and produces content on issues such as women’s rights, women’s representation in politics, civil society, peace and security from a woman’s perspective.

With the journalism approach we aim to support in quake-ridden cities, we aim to disseminate  critical support information to women as well as highlighting women’s voices during the relief and recovery phase. To this end, the fund will support journalists who report news with the aim of making the voices of women living in earthquake zones heard; who conduct studies to support women’s visibility in the media with research reports, interviews, videos or photographs, and who will enable women to reach large masses for solidarity.

Support for Women Journalists

International organizations and individuals wishing to support the Women’s Solidarity Fund can donate to the Fund page we have set up through the Turkish Philanthropy Fund.

If you would like to support the Women’s Solidarity Fund from Turkey, please contact us at the number below. Your support will be accepted for the materialization of the packages.

Contact: +905344429039

SES Equality and Solidarity Association